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How to Build (or Repair) Your Credit

 How to Build (or Repair) Your Credit

How to Build (or Repair) Your Credit

November 17, 2020

If you have bad credit, or no credit at all, you may find yourself stuck in a cycle. How do you prove to lenders that you can make good on your payments if no one gives you a chance? Is it possible to start over from scratch?

Fortunately, there are solutions designed to help. Here are some ways to get on the road to building a solid credit score and finding peace with your finances. 

Credit Building Credit Cards

It can be hard to build credit without a credit card; but again, how do you get one...without credit? The VISA Platinum Card from Advantage Credit Union helps you get back on track with your spending with a low-interest, low-balance program designed to help you keep your debt in check. 

Redeem to Erase

Redeem to Erase is a rewards program that helps you pay down debt by accumulating points from the VISA Card. This cash-back program allows card holders to "erase" qualifying transactions with their points as they work toward managing their balance. Savings can be significant. A recent member from Advantage Credit Union used their Redeem to Erase points to pay for a huge shopping trip at their local grocery store! 

Personal Loans

Debt accumulating from a variety of sources can become overwhelming as you try to figure out what to pay off, and when. Advantage Credit Union helps clients rebuild their credit by consolidating debts into one low-interest loan. Monthly payments offer a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind as you watch that number steadily shrink. 

To learn more about the special perks of being an Advantage Credit Union member, view our services page

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