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Get $60 when you Open a New Visa Card with ScoreCard Rewards! Offer ends 6/30/22.

Get $60 when you Open a New Visa Card with ScoreCard Rewards! Offer ends 6/30/22.

Get $60 when you Open a New Visa Card with ScoreCard Rewards! Offer ends 6/30/22.

March 3, 2022

We have the card that meets all your needs: Low Rate. Rewards. Cash Back Offer. Travel. 
Try out an introductory credit card with a low limit and fixed rate - like the Credit Builder Credit Card through Advantage Credit Union. This starts your credit history and the longer you have credit and pay on time, the more information you'll have to show you're a good credit risk. Most importantly, you'll increase your overall score!

Why should you compare cards? 
When you take a few minutes to compare some basic points between different credit card offers, you can save yourself a great deal of money. Some of the key features you'll want to look at is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and if it is a Fixed or Variable rate? The rate on Balance Transfers and Cash Advances. Are there any fees? Can you earn Rewards? 

Download our free chart to help with this
 Free Credit Card Comparison Chart 

If you don't carry a balance month to month, then the rate won't matter because you'll never owe any interest. However, if you have  unexpected expenses and can't pay off the monthly balance, you may have to carry it over, which is convenient, but can be expensive. As of November 2020, the average annual percentage rate for cards that accrued interest was 16.28%, according to the Federal Reserve. Before you decide on a card, make sure to read over its terms and conditions. Ideally, you'd like to pay off the balance each month, but many card holders don't. Typically, you'll want to look for the lowest rate, but if you don't have any doubt, you'll have to carry over a balance, you may want to focus on fees and rewards.

Save money by transferring your current balance. 
Review offers and look for a card that has a zero or low fee to transfer your balance. Even if you see an offer for a zero percent interest rate on balance transfers for a specified time, it may not be free. There may by a one-time flat fee or a percentage, which could be 3 to 5 percent of what you're transferring. 

Cards that can help you start or re-build your credit.
At Advantage Credit Union, we offer the Credit Builder Credit Card, which has a lower limit, but allows you to establish and build a good payment history by making timely payments. You don't have a great deal of risk because the limit is low and with a fixed rate, you don't have to worry about the unexpected if you can only afford to make a minimum payment. 

Get $60 when you open a new Advantage Platinum Visa

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Earn valuable rewards points with every qualifying purchase. 
You'll earn points for merchandise, travel, Premium Payback which includes both fuel rewards and PayPal, Redeem2Erase which lets you erase previous transactions off your bill, DailyWins/Games & More/Sweepstakes, event tickets and ScoreMore.

Cardholders can view their details on or simply click on their card number within online banking. When you provide your email address on the ScoreCard website, you'll receive a monthly ScoreCard eStatement detailing activity on your card and offering the latest information on merchandise and travel promotions, hot deals, seasonal promotions and more! This monthly communication helps you track available points and earnings. 









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