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Alliance One Network LogoLook for the Alliance One logo on any ATM for surcharge-free access. Don't pay to get your money!

Using any one of the over 4,900 convenient ATMs across the U.S., including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, you can access your accounts without being charged a foreign ATM surcharge.

You should not be charged a fee if you use an ATM that is part of the Alliance One Network. If you are charged a fee in error, please take proof to the financial institution where you used the ATM in order to get reimbursed. If you need help with this process, please let us know. 

Making Deposits

You will be able to make deposits at our full-service ATMs and at other financial institution locations if they allow foreign deposits. If you want to find an ATM near you or where you will be vacationing, visit the Alliance One Network site or contact us for help at 419-529-5603.

ATM Limits

Do you know your cash limit and did you know that this amount can be changed? Initially, when an ATM or Debit Card is issued, it is usually set at $250.00, depending on your account history. If you would like to change this amount, ask us to see if you qualify for an increase. You may need to increase the amount just for a day to make a special purchase or maybe you are going on a trip and want to increase the limit for a week. This is possible! So, if you want to personalize your settings, call 419-529-5603 to let us know how we can help!

Limit Time Frame

You would think that your daily limit would start fresh each morning, but actually it's a little different. Our 24-hour cycle refreshes daily between 3 - 4 PM (EST). Please let us know if you have any questions.

24x7x365 Fraud Monitoring Program

Most importantly, our card brings with it the combination of the most sophisticated fraud detection technology with experienced fraud analysts. Each transaction is evaluated and if a high-risk alert is detected, an analyst will contact you and inquire about any questionable transaction. If you get a phone call from Fraudwatch, please call them back at 866-842-5208. This is why it's very important we always have a good working phone number for you. If your transactions are getting denied or you need to report your card as being lost or stolen, please call us during business hours or 1-800-791-2525 after hours. We are watching out for you!


ATM locations

Advantage Credit Union
700 Stumbo Road
Ontario, OH

Advantage Credit Union - Lexington Avenue Kiosk
270 Lexington Avenue near Shaw Ott Medical
Mansfield, OH

Advantage Credit Union - Ashland Road Kiosk
860 Ashland Road near Boliantz Hardware
Mansfield, OH

Mansfield Municipal Court Building
30 N. Diamond St. (open during business hours only)
Mansfield, OH 

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