Advantage Credit Union offers many loan options, including personal loans.

For details, contact one of our friendly loan officers at (419) 529-5603. We promise to take the time to figure out which loan is best for you.

  • Closed End Signature Loan – Unsecured loan, $10,000 maximum amount available, 60 months maximum term.
  • Single Pay – Rate of loan depends on type of loan; ex.collateral, unsecured etc. Term may not exceed 12 months. May finance a 6 month note, then refinance for another 6 months, providing interest is paid up to date.
  • Share Secured – Use your shares as security, rate is 3.00% above the rate paid on funds securing loan. No term limit on loans secured by regular (01) savings account. Terms secured by share certificates not to exceed maturity date of share certificate.

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