Fee Schedule


Cashier's Check$1.00
Return of deposited item      $20.00
Account Research per hour$25.00
Account Reconciliation per hour$25.00
Statement copy$2.00
Non-sufficient funds of pre-authorized withdrawal$32.00
Money Order$1.00
Stop payment      $25.00
Wire transfer outgoing$20.00
Wire transfer incoming   $20.00
Returned mail or statements, forwarded mailfree
Closing of share draft account within 90 days of opening$5.00
Non-member transactionfree
Check cashing fee (unless meets balance requirements)   free
Child support enforcement (each presentation)$5.00
Verification of deposit for other financial institutionsfree
Dormant fee (per month after 1 year of inactivity)$5.00
Copy of cancelled check (free history online for up to 90 days)$3.00
Non sufficient funds or courtesy pay transfer$32.00
Overdraft transfer from share savings or overdraft loanfree
Reg D violation feeN/A
ATM fees on credit union owned machines/Alliance One Network Members      free
ATM, Debit or Visa replacement card$15.00
Empty envelope deposit   $30.00
International card based transactionfree
Post dated check charges   don't accept
As of 5/1/2020 







































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